Speech Pathology

Our ability to communicate can have a significant impact on our wellbeing. Our Speech Pathologists aim to empower and support clients to reach their full communication potential. We help to develop better communication to improve social connection, relationships, participation and engagement in the community. People experiencing communication difficulties may find it challenging interacting with their peers, have trouble following instructions, present with attention and behavioural issues and have reduced speech comparable to their developmental level.

Our skilled and experienced Speech Pathology team works across a broad case load with a variety of children, adolescents and adults catering to diverse needs and backgrounds.

Our Speech Pathologists provide assessment and evidence-based treatment for individuals experiencing one or more difficulties in the following areas:

  • ESpeech Sounds
  • EArticulation
  • EProblem solving
  • ESocial communication
  • EExpressive Language
  • EReceptive Language
  • ESelective Mutism
  • EFluency and stuttering
  • EWritten expression
  • ELiteracy-reading, spelling, and comprehension
  • EGender Affirming Voice Therapy
  • EVoice Disorders
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