Speech Pathology

Occupational Therapy


PEERS® Program

Our PEERS® program is a world-renowned group social skills program that teaches actionable skills that participants can use in real-life social situations.

Speech Pathology

Communication is so important and can significantly impact on wellbeing. Our Speech Pathologists aim to empower and support individuals to reach their full communication potential.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist help people of all ages with physical, developmental, or emotional challenges to overcome barriers and improve their ability to perform daily activities and tasks.


Our Psychologists work to support and guide individuals across the lifespan, fostering positive changes that lead to enhanced wellbeing. We understand the importance of mental health and the way it can impact quality of life.


PEERS® is a world renowned evidence based group social skills program designed for teenagers and young adults who struggle with making and keeping friends, communicating effectively, and navigating social situations.

The program was developed by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson at UCLA and is based on over two decades of research. Specifically, it is tailored towards Autism, ADHD and social challenges.


This program is delivered online, allowing individuals to engage and acquire skills in their own comfortable setting.


Read up about the research that supports the benefits of online delivery.

“The Social Domain’s mission is to provide a comfortable, inclusive space that allows people to embrace their strengths and individuality, whilst building the skills that empower them to engage more positively with others.”

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