Our dedicated team is committed to providing a comprehensive assessment.


Our assessments serve two fundamental purposes:


  • Diagnostic Clarity: We aim to determine whether an individual meets the diagnostic criteria for Autism. This process is essential in bringing clarity to individuals and their families. We gather data from multiple sources, including clinical observations, interviews, and standardised evaluations. 


  • Functional Evaluation: In addition to diagnosis, our assessments focus on evaluating an individual’s functioning. We assess various aspects of their social, communication, and behavioural skills, ensuring a holistic understanding of their abilities and challenges.



Cognitive Assessment: This assesses an individual’s cognitive abilities, commonly known as intelligence (IQ). It not only identifies strengths and weaknesses but also provides valuable insights into information processing.


Autism Assessments: for individuals across the age spectrum, including children, teenagers, and adults. Autism is a developmental condition that can affect people at various stages of life. Our clinicians are well-equipped to perform assessments for a wide range of age groups. 


Fees: Our fees are reflective of the resources and time invested in the assessment process, including the administration of tests, scoring, result interpretation, and report preparation. Depending on the assessment type, our clinicians may spend 8-15 hours or more to complete the process thoroughly. We also ensure the quality and accuracy of our reports by having them reviewed by external supervisors who specialise in the assessment and diagnosis of neurodivergent presentations.


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