The PEERS Boot Camps are intensive, short-term programs that provide individuals with an opportunity to rapidly develop and practice social skills in a focused and supportive environment. The bootcamps are typically one to two days in length and offer a condensed version of the PEERS curriculum, focusing on key areas. Participants engage in a variety of activities and exercises that are designed to simulate real-world social situations, with the goal of building confidence and social competence. Some of the activities may include role-playing, group discussions, and structured social rehearsals. The bootcamps are led by trained facilitators who provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout. The PEERS Bootcamps have shown promising outcomes in improving social functioning and overall quality of life for individuals with autism, ADHD and other social challenges

Friendship Bootcamp

This bootcamp provides support with:

  • Conversation skills
  • Finding a source of friends
  • Planning and organising social gatherings
  • Forming and maintaining friendships
  • Managing conflict

Dating Bootcamp

This bootcamp provides support with:

  • Dating etiquette
  • Letting someone know you like them
  • Choosing appropriate people to date
  • Asking someone on a date
  • Flirting appropriately
  • Relationship boundaries 
  • Handling rejection 
  • Navigating through the different stages of dating

Bootcamp Cost

$84 per hour and NDIS participants who are self or plan managed may be able to use their current NDIS plan.

1300 950 992